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At just INR 8,999/-, you can get standard for the information technology management system

Information technology has paved the way to more business, to more information and more ways to handle that information. However, in order to provide service management through this standard, you need ISO certification. Get in touch with Charteredconclave and get this standard.

ISO 20000-1 - Certification

ISO 20000-1 - Certification Registration

What You Will Get
  • Application drafting
  • Drafting of policy standards
  • Certificate issue

* Stamp duty Extra for States: Punjab, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim

* Package includes one time application of Name approval.

Fees and charges

8999/- only

Registration in just 7 - 10 Days

No Additional Government Fees

No Govt. Fees

ISO 20000-1 Certification

ISO 20000-1 is a service management system standard. It specifies the requirements for the service provider to do the following:

  1. Planning the SMS
  2. Establishing the SMS
  3. Implement the SMS
  4. Operate the SMS
  5. Monitor the SMS

Now, where does the information technology comes in? Well, the way to provide the best SMS is through the information technology. To that end, the purpose of ISO 200000-1 is to provide the best information technology management standard as well.