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Prevent your company from going under

Even the smallest mistakes can cause your business to go insolvent. And Insolvency can cause issues for both the debtor and the creditors. Our Insolvency Consultants provide advisory services to drive your financial condition towards stability.

Insolvency Consultants

Insolvency Consultant


Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code has made it certain that Insolvency matters are resolved in an expedited, timely and proper manner. For many creditors, this code has emerged as a boon for many, but also a bane for some. Therefore, during these times, Insolvency consultants are always here to help with every intricate detail involved with IBC code.

Insolvency Code is Bane for debtors

Every company or person that has failed to repay the operational or financial debt on time is at risk. If you are a company who, because of losses, aren’t able to pay your employees, are at risk of going insolvent. If you are running a business and haven’t paid money for the supplies to the suppliers, you are at risk. There are several instances where as a debtor, you are at risk. Insolvency code’s insolvency resolution procedure can engulf your business.

Insolvency code is Boon for Creditors

On the other side, if you are a home owner who had paid to the real estate developer and haven’t received the property yet, you have a way to your money back. Similarly, if you are a supplier who has yet to receive money for the supplies, or a financial institution or anything that is yet to receive outstanding debt, you can get back your money. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code’s demand notice and petition for insolvency resolution, can get you back your money.

Impluse Advisor has a team of insolvency consultants

Insolvency consultants can assist both the creditors and the debtors regarding financial matters. Good news is, Impluse Advisor acts as a hub for such insolvency consultants. Our team is filled with CAs, industry experts and business professionals that can drive your business towards economic stability.