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Don’t Let the Profit Machine Stop

Working capital loans have become almost a necessity to make sure that the companies survive for a longer period of time. To that end, Impulse Advisor will provide you access to such finances to make sure that your profit machine never stops.

Working Capital Loan

Working capital loan

A working capital loan is a type of advance that helps a business fund its day-to-day or short-term operations. A working capital business loan can be used for various purposes.

A Working capital loan is defined as a loan that helps a company in financing their day to day operations. These are assets that are meant for short terms tasks that include payables, wages etc. 


Benefits of Working Capital Loan

  • Cover the gaps in between the seasons. 
  • Maintain the status quo of the production speed
  • Not pay collateral for loans in some cases. 
  • Fully control the company every during the tenure of the loan repayment. 
  • Finally get quick access to finances in less profitable seasons. 


Who needs working capital loans?

This form of financing is a good source of capital for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and is especially suitable for seasonal or cyclical businesses that don’t have sustained or stable sales all year round and need liquidity (cash in hand) to meet their everyday operating costs.
Seasonal businesses manufacture during the off-season to be able to sell aggressively during the peak season. As a result, they receive a chunk of payments only during the peak season, while through the rest of the year, they need funds to sustain operations you can use a working capital loan.

When do you need a working capital loan?

There can be several times when your business can need small business working capital financing:

• Helps you manage sales fluctuations
• Acts as a cash cushion
• Prepares your business to take up a bulk order
• Stabilises and boosts cash flow
• Equips you to leverage business opportunities