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At just INR 24,999/-, you can get the CE marking to show off that your product is safe

CE marking refers to a certification mark that you need to have on your product if you are selling products within European Economic Area. This certification shows that you are conforming to the health and safety standards. Get in touch with registration to apply for this certification.

CE Marking Certification

CE Marking Certification Registration

Fees and charges

24999/- only

Registration in just 7 - 10 Days

No Additional Government Fees

No Govt. Fees

CE Marking Certification India

CE marking refers to the certification marking that is to be put on the certain products. This mark shows that your products are conforming to the health, safety and environmental protection standards to be sold in the European Economic Area.

However, this mark is also used on the products that are sold outside of the EEA. The purpose of this mark to show the following:

  1. The product is safe to use
  2. The product has no or minimal affect to your health
  3. The product has minimal effect to the environment.

While this certification is not mandatory outside the EEA, with the certification, you can definitely show off that your products are safe, and healthy to use.

Get in touch with Registrationwala if you want to apply for the certification. Our experts will make sure that you get the certification in a quick and efficient manner.